Nov 30, 2011

Holiday Wish List For Contest

Nov 19, 2011

I got these caramel colored shorts from Target similar to these ones, but I don't know what would go with them now in the fall. Any suggestions? Thanx

belmont faux suede shorts
Creatures of Comfort Linen Petal Shorts- Caramel
Moccasins or boots...Off-white or yellow look great with carmel color. Wear tights with it for warmth! Also, so as not to be to dull wear a top with a nice texture or pattern.
cream bird sheer top
Tights for Every Occasion in Olive
Brown fringe moccasin shoes

Nov 18, 2011

So, next week it's my beloved friend's birthday. I really don't know what to wear, since she said not too chic, yet, not too casual... I'm looking for a sexy casual dress (or skirt) that could impress without appearing, um, too much...? Some accessories or sets suggestions would be very nice too :) Thank you! :D

Structured Sleeveless Skater Dress
Ganni Pleated skirt
bibi bijoux Womens Multiple Brown Leather Strap Bracelet
Sorry....answered before I finished typing :)....I think that this is really cute, it's a great price and you can easily dress it up or down. If you don't want to show so much cleavage or just want to add some texture/pattern to the outfit then you could wear a cute lace camisole underneath. Heels will also make it look more fun. Also, this style of dress will flatter almost any body type.
Steve Madden Alludde - Bone Leather
Nude chiffon petal clutch bag
A few more great dresses, if the first wasn't your style... All from H&M!

T-shirt Chic

Nov 17, 2011

I have a green and black high-wasted plaid skirt and I'm not sure how to wear it without looking like a 5 year old! I'm 17, and open to all ideas!! The skirt I own has the shape of the first skirt, but is closer in pattern to the second

camilla and marc Circa Circle Skirt
Gap Pleated Plaid Mini Skirt
Add a "not school girl looking" blouse, shoes and bag! If the skirt has a high waist then it would probably be best if you tuck the blouse in...If you are not into heels the you could wear flats or kitten heels, which are REALLY small heels.
Rag & Bone SHIRT The Sullivan Shirt
Botkier Sebastian Hobo
I am 5'4, 200lbs and all I wear are t-shirts and jean. I am tired of this and would like to dress more like a girl. help please
If you wear a dress or shirt with a band or belt around your thinner point then it will make you look a lot more slim. This is a cute outfit, but you could do a blouse and pencil skirt also. Do you ever watch what not to wear? This show will help you out a lot.
Ladies Chiffon Shirt Dress
Jodhpur Legging
Ballet Shoes Pita Deluxe