Nov 5, 2011

My Style Advice....

Q:What are some ways to wear skirts?

I have so many skirts in my closet. The three types are body con, ruffled/ short and flowy and a line. What would look flattering with theses skirts! My style is girly with some edge, preppy/artsy. Any ideas? Thanks.

Below the skirts pictured are the same cut as the skirts I have. Not the exact same.

A: Tuck in a cute blouse add a belt, either under your ribs or draped on your hips, and a cute bracelet or necklace. Heels, flats, and boots are all cute depending on your taste...
117,300 KRW -
Braided Bow Loop Belt
11,670 KRW 3,335 KRW -
Coin Chain Bracelet

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